Specialized solutions for regenerative tourism rooted in the territory.

From Aethnic we offer a consulting service aimed at responding to the current challenges of the tourism sector. We work through participatory processes in order to offer innovative and personalized solutions that address the real dynamics of the territory, especially at a social and environmental level.

We understand that each place is unique and singular and therefore, we act based on its specificities. We are convinced that this is the only way to generate positive impacts for each reality. Consult our services.

Our services


  • Studies for the identification of good practices in specific areas of the tourism sector.
  • Studies of social innovation and tourism for the promotion of good practices.
  • Market research for companies or tourist destinations with the aim of identifying trends, opportunities and development options.
  • Comparative studies of tourist certifications and detection of opportunities for implementation.
  • Studies of the impacts of tourist activity on destinations.
  • Identification and mapping of local agents in the territory for the promotion of community-based participatory actions and detection of opportunities for mutual cooperation.


  • Guides and/or action plans with specific objectives for the promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism.
  • Design of strategic plans for sustainable and regenerative tourism to improve competitiveness.
  • Training and awareness actions for the development of capacities around tourism.
  • Identification of public funding (subsidies) for the realization of projects linked to tourism activity (including NGen).


  • Personalized support for the implementation of actions and strategic plans for sustainable and regenerative tourism.
  • Support in the implementation of social innovation strategies in tourism.
  • Support in the implementation of tourist projects.


  • Design and implementation of social innovation strategies in tourism.
  • Training and empowerment of local communities for the governance of tourism networks.
  • Facilitation of participatory processes for tourism co-creation with local communities and stakeholders.
  • Creation of a local tourist product based on responsible and regenerative tourism criteria.
  • Restructuring of the tourist offer of the destinations based on consumer segmentation.



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