Declaration to promote the ecological transition of tourism


The Aethnic Declaration is a catalyst to express the urgency of converting tourism into a driving force for the ecosocial transition and to influence the need to transform traditional tourism models in favor of the Planet’s global challenges.

The Conference on Responsible Tourism and Ecological Transition that Aethnic held last October 6 highlighted the need to work together and in an articulated manner to move towards a tourism model aligned with current global challenges. However, if one thing became clear, it is that sustainability and responsibility have already become inalienable conditions of the sector and that these are indispensable to guarantee its survival and viability in the short and long term.

In this context, the Ethnic Association has analyzed and processed each of the interventions that took place throughout the Conference and has drawn up a formal Declaration to express its will to continue working in a coordinated and articulated manner to accelerate climate action of tourism and transform it into a catalyst for social and environmental well-being.

The Declaration recognizes and shares the principles and ideals of major local and international agreements such as the Global Commitment of the 2030 Agenda or the National Agreement on Responsible Tourism, and calls for the establishment of more ambitious and demanding commitments that prioritize the generation of positive externalities on all destinations. This is why, through this manifesto, Aethnic also claims the active participation of the Social Economy field and all those alternative initiatives that are developed with a clear desire for social transformation.

See the details The Declaration here.