Discover the essence of the places from the hand of the local agents of the territory

In recent years, and more especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the concept of “regenerative tourism” has spread strongly around the world to designate activities or experiences that consider themselves more “sustainable”, “responsible” and/or “ethics”. However, very often the words “regeneration” and/or “regenerative” tend to be used incorrectly and interchangeably with the concepts “sustainability” and/or “sustainable”, which creates confusion between those who participate in said tourist practices.

Recently, the Aethnic Network has experienced a significant boom in experiences that, beyond being “sustainable”, seek to induce deep reflections on the ways of “doing”, “thinking” and “living” of the people who participate. These are experiences that transcend the space/time in which they take place, and that through their dynamics strengthen the ties between visitors, the host communities and the natural and cultural places to which they belong.

As an example, the experience “The messages of nature” (at the Cellera de Ter, Girona) uses exercises in sensory perception and communication and artistic expression to connect the participants with everything that surrounds them. It is an activity based on deep ecology that places consciousness as a starting point and that enhances relationships with oneself, with nature and with other living beings.

On the other hand, the experiences “Sortida ethnobotànica” and “Experience Silvestre” (in Mediona, Alt Penedès) are activities framed in an environmental outreach project that allow users to better understand the essence of the places they visit and, consequently , to live and act more harmoniously with nature.

Finally, “the Regenerative Experience in the Delta” proposes to discover the essence of the Delta through dynamics that recover past traditions and that value the legacy of local ancestors . Through creative workshops and popular games, the people who participate can get to know the territory they visit in depth and develop new mechanisms to regenerate and preserve them.

In short, all these experiences start from the base that it is not enough to minimize the negative impacts derived from tourist activity, and therefore, they seek to co-generate new creative dynamics to promote behaviors that allow to improve, regenerate and heal the degraded systems.

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