Ethnic and neighborhoods that grind, for regenerative and sustainable tourism in Barcelona

Poblenou Responsible Tourism (PTR) , the pilot project that Ethnic is developing to promote the transformation of the tourism model in the city, was presented during the Barris Que Molen (BQM ) day as an example and model of good tourism practice regenerative The Conference was held at the Fabra i Coats facilities in the Sant Andreu neighborhood on October 13, 2021.

BQM is an initiative promoted by Ideas for Change , an innovation laboratory founded by Javi Creus , with the aim of increasing regenerative tourism. The project identifies, provides knowledge and oversees the development of new initiatives and circuits of responsible and regenerative tourism.

Throughout 2021 BQM , driven by a team led by Anna Higueras and Paco Rodríguez , has promoted the entrepreneurship of regenerative tourism projects in the District of Sant Andreu, working side by side with its Commercial Axis, and the entities of the neighborhood and using the Pentagrowth method.

Jordi Tolrà , Project Director of Aethnic, presented the results of the Poblenou Responsible Tourism project (PTR) which has developed a set of new responsible and sustainable tourism experiences in the neighborhood based on co-creation with the associative fabric and the small business

The PTR and BQM start from a reality that needs to be changed, they work with neighborhood entities and seek to transform the current tourism model. Having been born in the same period, they can therefore be considered sister projects.

During the results day, BQM presented the digital initiative ‘ Regenerative consumption route in Sant Andreu: discover sustainable consumption ‘ which has identified 8 emblematic commercial establishments in Sant Andreu characterized by working with sustainable standards and products.