International Conference “Tourism, sustainability, human and gender rights”

The Association Ethnic and theITTOG of Gambia we organize on November 11, 202 in Barcelona, within the framework of the development cooperation project “No Woman Left Behind” one International conference to deal with the situation and challenges related to human and gender rights in tourism and towards sustainable tourism.

The Conference culminates the work of the ” No Women Left Behind ” project that Ethnic has been managing with ITTOG since January 2021 and which focuses on empowering and socially integrating Gambian women in situations of particular vulnerability.

The aim is to improve their knowledge and training in the subjects that should allow them to work independently or in the infrastructure of the nascent responsible and sustainable tourism (TRS) in their country.

The Conference Program incorporates academic presentations, debates, round tables and specialized presentations with Catalan and international experts. A Gambian representation, made up of teachers and students from the project course, presents the situation of women in The Gambia in the context of tourism, and will present the results of the Project.

The 30 women rights holders of the project, selected with the participation of the Gambia Gender Platform, have since April followed a training course at ITTOG with theoretical and practical activities related to gastronomy and crafts.

Part of the students’ practices are carried out in the new kitchen that the project has acquired with the funds provided by the ACCD of the Generalitat.

This Course is followed by a Mentoring and Employability Orientation Program , to provide participants with tools in their access to entrepreneurship and job placement.

At the same time, the Project incorporates a training module on human rights and gender , given by the Gender Platform of Gambia .

This module must allow the selected women to face entrepreneurship in the tourism sector with knowledge of their rights, and the possible situations of possible discrimination or lack of access to the equal opportunities to which they are entitled
The No Woman Left behind project is supported by the Catalan Cooperation Agency (ACCD) of the Generalitat de Catalunya.