Presentation of the diagnosis “TurismESS” and Co LAB of ideas

Last Friday, June 14, we celebrated the Day “Tourism and Social Economy” with the aim of promoting debate and reflection on the current state of ESS in Tourism, and generating a space for transversal co-working with the different actors of the fabric of the territory to contribute to the strengthening and articulation of the TurismESS ecosystem.

The event took place at the Gabriel García Márquez Library and was attended by around thirty people, among whom were representatives of the Public Administration, councils, and Social Economy entities , of cooperative restaurants, tourist accommodation establishments and other services linked to the sector, such as official tourism guides.

The event began at 10 a.m., with a short presentation by the Aethnic team, and then it was the turn of the Mrs. Roser Hernandez, Deputy Director General of Social Economy and Cooperatives of the Generalitat of Catalonia. During her speech, Ms. Hernández highlighted the need to promote and strengthen SSE practices in the framework of tourist activity in order to move towards a fairer and more responsible model. Likewise, he contextualized the current situation in relation to the ESS Law in Catalonia, which is in the process of approval.

The objective is to establish the common legal framework of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Catalonia, with the intention that it will grow progressively and allow the transformation of the Catalan economic model in accordance with criteria of plurality and democracy, and centered on people .

Then they went on stage the Mrs. Carla Izcara and the Mr. Raul Valls, research technicians in Alba Sud , who presented the results of the Diagnosis “TOURISM: Social and Solidarity Economy and tourism in Catalonia” , now available to download through their website , developed during 2024 with the collaboration of Aethnic, Calidoscoop and Mescladís.

This report presents a collection of proposals derived from the contributions of the 25 people interviewed during the survey, as well as from the two work sessions held between April and May 2024, where between 15 and 32 related people participated in the areas of tourism and SSE.

After his speech, the attendees were able to enjoy a small coffee break outside the library.

At 11:30am, the second part of the Conference began, the Co-Lab of ideas to define the Work Plan of the TurismESS Ecosystem. The session was facilitated by Mrs. Mount Lamata, consultant and facilitator of organizational analysis processes and collective strategy generation.

In this case, the participants were divided into 4 groups with the aim of addressing the following challenges :


  1. We build the story of the ecosystem.
  2. The ecosystem governance model.
  3. The added value of the ecosystem.
  4. The ecosystem plan: where do we start?


For 45 minutes, each group worked internally to answer the questions raised. After the time, a representative from each team presented the proposals to the rest of the participants with the aim of generating synergies and detecting new opportunities.

Finally, the day ended at 1:30 pm with a short speech by the Aethnic team to thank everyone for attending and to encourage them to continue participating in the co-creation of the TurismESS ecosystem.

Access the audiovisual materials of the event through this link . Very soon we will have available the report with the results of the Co Lab of Ideas.