The Aethnic team presents its projects to a very special audience

This year, Aethnic has participated in the training sessions that Barcelona Activa develops at InnoBA . It is an initiative that aims to present alternative forms of entrepreneurship to young students, particularly focused on the Social and Solidarity Economy.

Aethnic has presented itself as an entity incubated by the innoBAdora and has taken the opportunity to present its projects to the young students of the Santa Coloma de Farners Institute. However, the session emphasized the cooperative values that characterize the association and highlighted the importance of cooperating in a sector that presents increasingly complex challenges.

Through this initiative, 2nd year high school students have been able to understand what it means to “cooperate” and why it is important to do so in the current post-pandemic scenario. The characteristics that stood out the most throughout the session were: the importance of taking advantage of diversity , the need to create spaces for dialogue and sharing , and the importance of moving away from individualistic culture and thinking together .

Finally, Aethnic presented the Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Network of Barcelona and explained why the entities of the Social and Solidarity Economy are a fundamental actor in transforming the current tourism model.

The results of the meeting have been more than satisfactory and have made it very clear that the younger generations are increasingly interested in learning about and experiencing alternative and responsible ways of working.