World Tourism Day 2021: Human rights and inclusion

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, Jordi Tolrà , project director at Ethnic, has participated in the Conference organized on October 1, 2021 by the CETT School of Tourism, attached to the UB.

The conference, directed by Dr. Òscar Casanovas , head of the Degree in Tourism at the CETT, and with the support of prof. Núria Guitart, has revolved around the problems associated with inclusion in the framework of the tourism sector.

They have intervened Dr. Jordi Arcos , from the tourism and territory research group of the CETT, la Dr. Núria Abellán, responsible for the Master’s in Tourism and LGBT and Julià Montero , co-founder of the Zerolimits Association, which works on the inclusion of people with special needs due to a disability and two tourism students who have done their internships at Ethnic , Alex Estrada and Lua Berna .
In his opening speech, the Dr. Maria Abellanet, CEO of the CETT School of Tourism has highlighted the importance of the tourism sector advancing towards the fulfillment of the ODS of the 2030 Agenda and those of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (TRS)

For his part, Jordi Tolrà presented Ethnic’s lines of action in favor of the transformation of tourism as a tool for sustainable development and detailed the first results of the “No Woman left Behind” project that is being carried out in Gambia with 30 women rights holders as participants.

Núria Abellán pointed out the importance of clearly defining what we are talking about when we talk about inclusive tourism and pointed out the dangers of confusing a social goal with the opportunity to create a niche market.

Jordi Arcas has highlighted the importance of participatively integrating the set of social actors related to tourism in their daily planning.

The Conference had more than 50 online participants.