Cooperatives of artisan women in Chefchaouen

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The project aims to promote the economic development of women artisans, grouped in 3 cooperatives, as a tool to fight gender inequalities. The project promotes the empowerment of women through entrepreneurship and facilitates increasing market opportunities for their products (loom and ceramics).

The project promotes a tourism, around the town of Chefchaouen, that values culture, heritage and nature. The project will make it possible to diversify the benefits of tourism towards a local and solidarity-based economy, where women play an essential role in maintaining the culture and heritage of “know-how” with their craft activity in cooperatives. The new nature and experience tourism routes will be key elements in the promotion of responsible tourism where women are at the center.

Promote employment free from gender inequalities, promoting co-responsibility and strengthening entrepreneurship and women’s job opportunities.

Activities Carried Out

  • Technical training in the innovation process of its products (loom and ceramics) and training in internal management of the cooperative
  • Ecotourism route design
  • Gender, human rights and literacy awareness
  • Support and mentoring in new local marketing channels for products

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Collaborating entities:


  • ATED

  • Association of official guides of Chefchaouen

Supported by:

Project localization:

Chefchaouen, Tangier-Tetouan-Alhucemas Region, Morocco

Project schedule:

1 November 2022 to 31 October 2023