Goals for Africa

International Cooperation

The Ethnic Association develops a solidarity tourism project for the Ramassà Sports Association with the aim of promoting global justice through sports activity and solidarity tourism.

The project materializes in the celebration of a solidarity football match between AE Ramassa and FC Banjul. And in carrying out a solidarity tourism travel program in order to energize different local projects through tourist activity.


A tourist experience has been designed that will allow you to know first-hand the social and cultural reality of the country through contact and interaction with different local actors. As well as linking activities and workshops with different onegés and actors for the development of the land, to make sport a tool for improving the quality of life of the different local groups.

This proposal has been jointly produced by the Aethnic team and the Altaïr travel agency, with the aim of offering the services for the celebration of the project. The Kalilu Jammeh Foundation has also participated as an NGO beneficiary of the donations from the AE Ramassa.

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