Senegal in family

From Aethnic we offer you an experience designed and aimed at families with children (who travel without hurry) and under the philosophy of a responsible and supportive tourism trip where we promote coexistence and exchange with the local population. Palm trees and rice paddies mix among the tropical vegetation with a cool atmosphere and intense colors in this region in the south of Senegal: Casamance . We will enjoy the river Casamance, where we will visit different islands, com Nioumone, Egueye i Karabane, not without first immersing ourselves in local culture and traditions thanks to the Diatta family, from the village of Thionk Essyl, who will welcome us with open arms and prepare the typical food of the region and a good tea in the Senegalese style. We will witness the traditional dance of the Koumpo , a character from the Diola mythology, in Dianki , after discovering the environment, trees, wild fruits and fauna. We will listen to traditional Senegalese music by the well-known local artist Jean Philip. We will visit Oussouye and also Ziguinchor , the capital of Casamance where we will make a stop at the craft market, and we will carry out activities so that the little ones can enjoy the trip with the same intensity. Come and discover Senegal, a country that falls in love with everyone who knows it.

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