The Ethnic Sustainable Tourism Association (Aethnic) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 with the mission of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism as a tool to improve people’s quality of life, the development of the social and solidarity economy and respect for the environment.

Our mission

Aethnic’s mission is to contribute to fair sustainable development, aligned with human rights and promoting socio-ecological transition. We do this by carrying out projects, disseminating resources and strengthening the capacities of the various actors involved.

Our vision

It is necessary to initiate a paradigm shift in the traditional tourism model to ensure that it is committed to local culture and identities, global justice and the environment. We believe that tourism must contribute to the sustainable development of destinations by generating better living conditions for local populations, ensuring good coexistence between residents and visitors, and promoting a just socio-ecological transition.

Our values

Commitment, cooperation, responsibility and passion.

What we do?

International cooperation

Cooperation in development, work for global justice, gender equality and human rights are at the base of the mission and objectives of the Ethnic Association. We promote responsible and sustainable tourism (TRS) as a tool to improve people’s quality of life and the development of the local economy in impoverished areas.

local action

We work throughout the territory to influence and promote a community-based tourism model that favors and stimulates local development, social cohesion and environmental regeneration. With the ultimate aim of influencing the global model of tourism, its transformation towards the ODS, the impact on tourism policies and the awareness of citizens.

Technical advisory service

We support destinations and entrepreneurs in the creation of segmented and specialized tourist products, competitive in the market.

Production and design of responsible travel

Design and implement tourism proposals based on the criteria of sustainability and tourism responsibility that aim to strengthen local economies, value natural resources and make known the social reality of the destination country.

Producció i disseny de viatges responsables

The team

Aethnic is made up of a team with interdisciplinary profiles with extensive expertise in sustainable and responsible tourism, circular economy and social innovation.

In general, the human team has an important background in the design, creation and marketing of tourist products and in the development of collaborative work frameworks through the dynamism of co-working sessions.

Jesús Martín

Jesus Martin

Co-Founder and Director

Degree in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (UB), MSc Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Beckett University, Postgraduate in Marketing and Social Action at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and NGO Management at ESADE (URL).

Jesús has extensive experience as a Project Manager specializing in Sustainable Tourism and Social Innovation. With more than 20 years of experience leading projects at an international level with a clear social focus on issues such as gender justice, climate change, co-development and global justice.

Pau Bofill

Pau Bofill

Coordinator and Co-Founder

Degree in History, Audiovisual Production, Cinema and Multimedia (EMAV).

Pau Bofill has studies in geography and history and extensive experience in the audiovisual world. It works so that there is a real commitment of the entire tourism industry to society and the environment.

Madá Cogo

Project Manager

Degree in Tourism, Master in Tourism and Environment, Postgraduate in Teaching, and a Ph.D. in Geography from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

Madá has extensive training and experience in public policies related to tourism and culture, having worked in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and Spain. She has been involved in various projects in collaboration with NGOs, local and national governments, as well as private enterprises. Her focus is on promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, as well as fostering culture and heritage as key elements for the development of tourist destinations

Carla Cama

Carla Cama

Project Manager

Degree in Tourism and Hotel Management at CETT – UB, Master in Sustainable Tourism and ICT at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and Certificate in Regenerative Tourism by The RegenLab for Travel and Earth & Life University.

Carla Cama is the Project Manager of the Ethnic Association and the person responsible for leading the implementation of responsible and sustainable tourism projects with a clear social and environmental focus. It works to develop community-based tourism that improves people’s living conditions and promotes the regeneration of urban and natural environments.

Aline Delepine

Aline Delepine

Business Development Analyst

Degree in Art History and Cultural and Natural Heritage Management (UAB), Master in Tourism Innovation (CETT-UB).

Aline is passionate about travel and the person responsible for the design and management of Aethnic’s trips. It is responsible for delivering the travel proposals that we offer from Aethnic to all those interested in responsible tourism. It works to promote community tourism in the different destinations and offer a unique experience.


Today’s challenges are complex and global. To answer them, we take advantage of diversity, work together and share the spirit of transformation that characterizes us.

Public entities

Agència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament
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Departament d'Empresa i Treball
Economia Social
Ministerio de Trabajo y Economia Social - SEPE


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Legal aspects

Legal registration: AETHNIC is registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya; in the Registry of the Catalan Development Cooperation Agency (ACCD); in the National Register of Associations of the Spanish State; and in the EuropeAid Register of the European Union (PADOR).