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How do we do it?

We design and implement tourist proposals based on the criteria of sustainability and tourist responsibility that aim to strengthen local economies, value natural resources and make known the social reality of the destination country.

Aethnic trips are conceived as a group experience, active, creative, committed, participatory, enriching and supportive. Itineraries for all participants, which will include elements of natural and scenic, historical, cultural, artistic and anthropological interest, also paying attention to the economic, social and environmental reality of the territories visited.

Our productions are defined as tourist itineraries of between 7 and 15 days, and where it predominates:

  • The travel experience and social and cultural contact with local people.
  • Participation in workshops and first-hand experience in associations, NGOs and cooperatives that work for the social improvement of the host country.
  • The adventure of discovering unique places and enjoying moments of leisure


Aethnic wants to make known and make more shared the idea and the implicit values of Responsible and sustainable Tourism. – RST – so that it can gradually be taken over by society as a whole and in this way favor the transformation of the current tourism model.

This is why it is proposed:

  • To publicize the values and proposals inherent in the TRS, as well as the negative impact of non-responsible or sustainable tourism.
  • The awareness-raising actions are aimed at the population in general, actors in the tourism world, governments and public administrations and universities or educational centers in general.

Read the founding texts of aethnic:

Responsible Tourism infographic