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A route full of authenticity where you will discover the main attractions of the Rif and northern Morocco with your whole family.

It is our trip to the North of Morocco designed so that the whole family can enjoy the culture and traditions of this unusual country, thanks to activities designed for both the youngest and the oldest members of the family.

We will enjoy both the seafood cuisine and the magnificent beaches of the walled city of Asilah and the fishing village of Ouad Lau,as of the more rural and traditional life of this beautiful region of the hand of the Houmar family from the village of Tanakoub and from the family of the small village of Of course. We will learn from the local women of the village about their meticulous work in the textile cooperative and we will prepare some delicious Rghayef and then eat them in a family atmosphere.

We will visit the city of Xauen, the blue pearl of Morocco, at a pace adapted for the whole family, where we can see the source of Ras El Maa, the house, the beautiful Andalusian-style neighborhoods among other attractions that make up this corner located between the peaks of the mountain range of the Rif.

And we will also meet the artisans of the medina of Tetuan where the whole family can learn the traditional techniques of leather or ceramics while discovering the history of this ancient city.

We will stay in a typical Moroccan accommodation: the Riad , characterized by its interior courtyard formed by columns and arches.

Come and enjoy this magical adventure as a family!

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