This content has been developed within the framework of the project No Women Left Behind: Creation of social entrepreneurship projects in sustainable tourism in Gambia led by vulnerable women previously trained in responsible tourism management, funded by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD).

The project has defined a set of activities of Education for Development (EpD) in Catalonia with the aim of influencing the actors of the Catalan tourism market in the design of trips to countries of the South based on criteria of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (TRS), the SDGs and the gender perspective. Within the framework of this objective, a series of digital tools are presented to facilitate the transformation of the local tourism sector to more responsible practices aligned with SDGs and Human Rights.

Digital tools for the promotion of a more responsible tourism

The term Responsible Tourism refers to a respectful attitude towards society, culture and the environment. The ambition of responsible tourism is to find ways and solutions to the impacts of tourism in order to create better places for communities to live and for visitors to enjoy.

  • Provide tourists with better experiences through connections with local populations and greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental aspects.
  • Promote more accessible tourism, so that it can be enjoyed by all.
  • Create a positive impact on destinations.
  • Design alternatives to travel responsibly and ensure that our actions generate the least possible impact on the country and the host community, always trying to travel responsibly and authentically.
  • And to be culturally sensitive, generating respect between tourists and host communities, contributing to building cultural pride and trust in local communities.

Responsible Tourism Policies

Contribution to the economic and social development of the destination

Use local suppliers and services that promote fair working conditions. Ensuring that travelers live with the local population and have a very enriching experience, while contributing to local economic prosperity.

Promoting sustainability values

Contribute to the improvement of environmental and socioeconomic aspects of the host communities, and the enhancement of heritage and cultural resources. Including and promoting ecological, quality and socioeconomic criteria.

Protecting children

The tourism industry plays a very important role in the protection of children’s rights. Child exploitation must be condemned as an abuse of children’s human rights and dignity.

Models aligned with the SDGs

Promote awareness in the tourism industry towards the Sustainable Development Goals by informing tourism industry professionals about responsible tourism practices.

Contribute to the promotion of gender equity.

Promote female entrepreneurship, addressing the bottlenecks that generally disproportionately affect women, and promote female education and professional training, with a special focus on skills and knowledge with high added value and economic return.

Raising travelers' awareness of responsible consumption

To guarantee the quality, safety and accessibility of the services provided. Also, to provide information to travelers on responsible and respectful actions at the destination.

Sustainability criteria, indicators and best practices

Digital tools

Digital tools generated within the framework of the project “No Women Left Behind: Creation of social entrepreneurship projects in sustainable tourism in The Gambia led by vulnerable women previously trained in responsible tourism management”.


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