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An unforgettable experience where in a few days we will do a cultural immersion to get to know Gambia from the inside.

During this route we will do a cultural immersion discovering the nature of this small country, coming into contact with the local population, and participating in development cooperation projects.

We will start our itinerary from the Gambian coast and then go inland towards Ndemban and Bintang. This trip will allow us to get to know the social reality of the country by visiting the main local organizations that work for development, human rights and social justice, without giving up a vacation where we will also get to know first-hand the natural spaces and places of cultural interest most significant of the country com Baboon Island , Janjanbureh , the sacred monument of Wassu , Jarjari , and we will delve into universal history through the figure of Kunta Kinteh in the villages of Albreda and Juffureh .

Contact with local people and the exchange of experiences will be one of the axes that will guide the trip. We will finish our itinerary at the smile coast, where we will visit Sanyang , and the traditional fishing villages of Kartoong and Tanji .

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