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If you are interested in ethnographic and naturalist photography this expedition is perfect for you! Enjoy this experience at the hands of an expert photographer.

In this ethnographic and naturalistic expedition in the heart of the black continent, you will be able to discover the region of Casamance , in the south of Senegal, by photographer Montse García. We will discover a rural environment of incomparable beauty, inhabited by the last animist tribes of l‘Sub-Saharan Africa : around Oussouye and the fishing village of Erubalir. We will visit the virgin beaches ofAbéné , the lush forests of the Upper Casamance , remains of colonial cities and fishing villages in full activity as in the town of Kafountine. We will get to know the traditional buildings, the impluvium houses of the population of Seleki , and we will discover with the diola the origins of animism, the roots of their ancient initiation rituals and their veneration for nature, thanks to the accompaniment of the inhabitants of the town of Thionk Essyl and Dianki .

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