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This proposal for the Bassari Country aims to bring travelers closer to the habits and customs of these two countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

This trip will take us from the commercial splendor of the Gambian coast to the Bassari Country , the only mountainous area in all of Senegal , passing through the traditional animist villages of Casamance .

We will visit traditional Gambian fishing villages such as Tanji i sannyang, the towns Bedik from Bassari country, with the naturalistic landscapes and waterfalls characteristic of the village of Dindefelo and the animist towns of the Casamance, passing through Oussouye, Seleki, the island of Kabrousse i Thionk Essyl others. The rhythms and colors of these three regions will guide this journey marked by cultural contact.

A very complete itinerary that will allow us to introduce ourselves to black sub-Saharan Africa, living with traditions and lifestyles. We will meet griots or traditional musicians, we will discover the local gastronomy, we will walk along beaches with a tropical atmosphere among vestiges of the colonial era, we will participate in local craft workshops and learn about cooperation projects, respecting the criteria of sustainable tourism.

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