Gambian graduates in responsible tourism complete their internships and mentoring sessions

As the final part of the “No Woman Left Behind” Project, the 28 students who obtained the graduation certificate have been following during the months of October, November and December a program of professional practices and mentoring to facilitate their social insertion labor

In general, the internships went very well both for the collaborating establishments and for our students. The managements of the partner establishments were impressed by the weekly visits of the career mentors who in these visits will talk to the students about their feedback to improve their performance.

Three students: Marie Mbya, Yama Jobe, Sainabou Secka did their internships in Ziguinchor, Casamance, Senegal. ITTOG made all the logistical arrangements possible and the local project manager drove them to the border on their way and picked them up in Ziguinchor after the mentoring program.

Regarding the Mentorships, the ITTOG selected 6 professionals with specific defined tasks. Four of them were selected mainly because they were already committed to the project and demonstrated their skills during the six months and two were recommended to ITTOG because of their professional experiences in advising students.

In terms of mentoring, the program’s methodology has included:

• Practical on-the-job training • Focus group meetings • Feedback sessions • Meetings with authorities: microfinance, women’s organizations, government… • Attitude and leadership discussions

All the participants have expressed their satisfaction both for the practices they have been able to carry out and for the content and methodology of the mentoring sessions.