MomentumCo conducts the external impact evaluation of the No Woman Left Behind project

Momentum, a prestigious Catalan consulting company specializing in impact evaluations, has been the company chosen to carry out the external evaluation of the results and impact in Gambia of the “No Woman Left Behind” Project.

The external evaluation is one of the requirements required in any development cooperation project, and especially those that have the support of public administrations, as is the case of the NWLB, which has the support of the Catalan Cooperation Agency (ACCD) of the Generalitat.

The professional team of Momentum, directed by Xavier Estivill i Marta Canals, began his work by preparing questionnaires to be filled out by the rights holders participating in the project, that is to say, the vulnerable women who have reached the end of the training, training, empowerment and mentoring program carried out.

From here, Momentum has organized several sessions with the direct participation of all the groups that have intervened in the development of the activities: the students, the teaching staff and the management staff in both Gambia and Catalonia.

The sessions were held by means of videoconference. The results obtained are currently being calculated and analyzed.

At the end of December, the Evaluation Report will be published, which will include both the biographical and personal impact that the project has achieved on the rights holders, as well as the dimensions related to the transformation of the tourist model that the project has also sought.