Entrepreneurship training for women in the sustainable tourism sector

International Cooperation

 | Gambia


The objective of the project is to influence the transformation of the tourism sector into a sector more in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS) in Gambia and also internationally (in Catalonia).

The project focuses on supporting women in vulnerable situations with a training offer and job placement to lead the creation of small businesses linked to tourism with a focus on sustainability. So the project strengthens and expands the responsible and sustainable tourism sector.

In Catalonia, the project affects the tourism market, actors such as teachers, students, professionals and companies in the sector, in the design of trips based on Responsible and Touristic Tourism (TRS).

Activities Carried Out

  • Training for women in tourism management, entrepreneurship and leadership and creation of small businesses
  • Gender awareness sessions and personalized mentoring in entrepreneurship
  • Participation in the “The Good Green Market” fair
  • Seminars in Catalonia on TRS, ODS, tourism and gender and specifically in sub-Saharan Africa at the Barcelona School of Tourism and professionals in the sector.

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Collaborating entities:

  • Institute of Travel and Tourism of the Gambia ITTOGGender Platform

  • Gambian Women Chamber of Commerce

  • Posidonia Green (in Catalonia)

Supported by:

Project localization:

Banjul, The Gambia

Project schedule:

1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023