“Accessible tourism in Poblenou”; a new project by Aethnic

Tourism for All is described as tourism that meets the needs of all visitors, including people with disabilities, the elderly, intergenerational families, and people with temporary disabilities, whether due to illness or injury.

According to the Flash Eurobarometer 499 (2021, p. 3), which analyzes the attitude of European travelers towards tourism, 39% of respondents “find it difficult to obtain information on the accessibility of the destination” [troben complicat obtenir informació sobre l’accessibilitat de les destinacions]. Likewise, according to the World Health Organization (UNWTO), 16% of the world’s population has some type of disability, whether physical, mental, intellectual and/or sensory, and this figure increases year after year, especially due to the general aging of the population.

These and many other research shows that people with disabilities are part of the rich human diversity, and that as such, they must be able to participate and enjoy all leisure activities, including tourism.

In this context, in January 2023, Aethnic undertakes a new project called “Accessible Tourism in Poblenou” with the aim of advancing towards a More democratic, inclusive, responsible and resilient tourism model. During the proposal, the Aethnic team analyzes the tourist offer of the neighborhood from the perspective of accessibility, identifies opportunities for improvement and collection, in a Accessible Tourism Guide, a rich and diverse variety ofActivities and facilities accessible to everyone.

This project, which is developed within the framework of the Impulsem el Que Fas grant from the Barcelona City Council, adopts the
Destination for All
approach with the aim of maximizing accessibility, usability and enjoyment of all products and activities in the Poblenou neighborhood.

If you want to know how has been the process of co-creation of the Accessible Tourism Guide, do not miss the next publication!