Presentation of the Aethnic project in the magazine “Ep! Estem aquí!”, by CTO ASPACE.

Last Thursday, Aethnic attended the magazine’s 25th anniversary celebration “Ew! We’re here!”, a magazine driven by CTO ASPACE Poblenou and developed by its members, which year after year aims to present the multiple and diverse activities that take place at the center through a common thread.

In this edition, the monographic theme of the magazine was “The Planet Earth”, and one of the activities that was presented was that of the project “Accessible Tourism in Poblenou”, an initiative that Aethnic developed throughout 2023 with the support and collaboration of the members of this center.

During the celebration, which was attended by the relatives of the boys and girls of ASPACE, Aethnic presented the results of this project and presented the Poblenou Accessible Tourism Guide, a resource co-created with the participation of all its members and UPF Interpreting and Translation students, who evaluated the accessibility of various points of tourist interest in the neighborhood through a series of visits.

Aethnic’s intervention culminated in a series of conclusions that sought to highlight the need to move towards a more inclusive and accessible tourism model so that all people, regardless of their physical, cognitive, sensory and communication abilities, can enjoy the city in full conditions. Also, the representative of Aethnic at the event closed the presentation with a strong message that expressed the need to involve, even more, civil society and the groups affected, in the development of projects of social value.