Creation of new responsible tourism experiences in Poblenou

Learning how to prepare and taste good coffee and knowing its origin, or discovering the secrets of horchata, or beer, the history and magic of Poblenou’s festive imagery will be some of the newly created experiences which will be part of the Poblenou Responsible Tourism catalog (PTR) that we are creating Aethnic with the traditional entities and businesses of Poblenou within the framework of the responsible tourism network project-Poblenou Pilot Project

Ca’l Nomad, La Cervesera de Poblenou, Orxateria El Tio Che or the Center d’Imatgeria Festiva de Poblenou are some of the organizations with which the project team is working intensively.

The work process is laborious and follows a method: first we identify the activities that seem attractive to visitors to the neighborhood. then we contact them, explain the project and have a meeting where we detail the objectives and the steps to follow. we then draw up an experience sheet that serves as a basis for co-creating with the entity.

Finally, with a real group of people, we do the “load test” to test if the idea is viable and adjust it in format (duration, content, dramatization, etc.)

We have been working hard for several months and soon you will be able to see the good results we are achieving. The project is supported by Barcelona Activa’s Impulsem el que Fas programme, financed by the Tourist Tax.