The Climate Route

Local Action

The Climate Route is a project originating in Malaga in which Aethnic participates with the aim of replicating its itineraries in Barcelona and promoting climate action and environmental awareness.

It is a social innovation initiative for the climate that, through tourist activity, offers guided tours in both rural and urban environments to address the climate emergency from a didactic and encouraging perspective. The itineraries proposed allow participants to demonstrate the impacts of climate change, understand its causes, establish connections with other socio-environmental challenges, experience solutions at a local level and scale the proposals at a global level.



This project, which is financed by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism , aims to replicate the Climate Route initiative in other cities and municipalities in Spain, in our specific case , in the Poblenou neighborhood , in Barcelona.

Currently, the project is in a state of “replication”, a phase motivated by the need to transfer the methodology of La Ruta del Clima to local entities and accompany them in the tasks of design, communication and implementation of the routes.

The 4 specific objectives of the initiative are:

Objective 1: contribute to the creation and expansion of the La Ruta del Clima network at local level.

Objective 2: develop new content, improve the business model and boost the marketing of the routes.

Objective 3: Improve the tourist experience through research, technology and citizen participation.

Goal 4: Promote communication, awareness and education for climate action.

Activities Carried Out

The activities carried out as part of this phase are:

  • Create new training and communication materials for future facilitators of Rutes del Clima.
  • Offer free online training sessions to all people interested in designing and developing new itineraries for climate action.
  • Organize and develop the classic route in the city of Barcelona.
  • Promote diversification and improvement of the business model.
  • Participate in the creation and support of new thematic routes.
  • Create gamification and citizen science tools.


Access the presentation of the project and learn about all the related activities.

Value proposition


Future perspectives

The consequences of climate change have become a reality of our day to day life. The Climate Route is a key tool to promote critical thinking based on scientific information accessible to everyone: residents and tourists eager to learn and be part of the change; schools and educational centers interested in carrying out environmental awareness activities, and professionals and companies eager to take action!

Once the project is finished, it is planned to improve the business model of the Climate Route, as well as the creation of a collaborative ecosystem at national level committed to climate action.

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2023 - 2024