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The TurismESS project is an entity project through which Aethnic claims the potential of tourism as a strategic economic sector for economic dynamism and the visualization of the transformative capacity of the field of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) in the city of Barcelona.

The current tourist model of the city of Barcelona has materialized its shortcomings and has shown the social and environmental challenges (gentrification, climate change, precarious working conditions…) it generates. Currently, in the context of the health crisis of Covid-19, the sector’s lack of resilience has intensified and has highlighted the urgency of rethinking the current tourism model.

At Aethnic we are convinced that tourism is one of the main economic drivers of Barcelona, but we believe that the way it is developed needs to be rethought in order to respond to current needs and thus improve the quality of life of its citizens.

Value proposition

The TurismESS project envisages the articulation of a tourism offer based on initiatives of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) that is innovative and socially responsible and that is designed through a collaborative process with the social actors of Barcelona.

This ESS-based tourist offer will act as an alternative to the current mass tourism offer and will highlight key aspects of the heritage and local culture of the citizenry.

From Aethnic we want to move towards one responsible and socially based tourism model that takes into account the local population in decision-making, that prioritizes the basic needs of the different groups that live in the city and that starts from a firm commitment to equity and the comprehensive sustainability of the destination. So the ultimate goal is to put tourist activity at the service of people.

“Tourism understood under the criteria of ESS and responsible consumption, beyond the activity based on the current capitalist economic model, has a strong potential for the promotion and local economic development, and the valuing of the ESS and the city’s own identity”.

The TurismESS project is supported by Barcelona City Council through the Impulsem el Que fas program, financed by the tourist tax.

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