Inclusive Experiences against Depopulation

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The RurAll - Regenerative Rural Tourism Experiences Network, an initiative in the process of formation that aims to create a collaborative and transformative space for companies and entities that offer unique tourism experiences in rural areas at risk of depopulation. The RurAll Network seeks to be a catalyst for inclusion, local development and regenerative tourism in these areas, with a focus on the fight against depopulation.


The Network arises as an integral part of the project “Inclusive Experiences Against Depopulation”, which was presented to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism by the IDEAS3493SL Consortium, within the framework of the Call for Experiences Tourism Spain 2021. This project has been admitted and subsidized with funds from the European Union’s Next Generation Program, destined to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain. The Consortium promoting this project is composed of Ideas for Change, Aethnic, Sentir el Alto Tajo, Membranding and


In Spain, more than 1,800 villages are expected to disappear in the coming years, especially in the communities near Madrid and in regions such as Teruel and La Rioja. The historical concentration of tourism resources in urban areas has exacerbated problems of gentrification and conflicts, highlighting the need to decentralize and deseasonalize tourism.

The proposal seeks to support successful tourism experiences in rural environments, working closely with local communities to improve existing activities and expand new opportunities, promoting sustainable tourism that revitalizes the territories economically, socially and culturally. This approach involves constant coordination with the communities, ensuring the inclusion of their needs and desires in the design and implementation phases. The aim is to provide these communities with new perspectives and tools to take root the resources available in the territory, generating a positive and lasting impact on the rural environment.


In order to move towards a regenerative tourism modelAethnic is participating in an innovative project with the general objective to develop territories at the tourism level through improvements in areas where regenerative experiences are already operating, and the replication of these initiatives in other areas in order to alleviate depopulation and improve accessibility in these territories. To achieve this, the Aethnic team, together with the consortium, has established the following specific objectives:

  1. Combat depopulation by strengthening local ecosystems of regenerative tourism, promoting the revitalization of rural communities.
  2. To enrich territories through the co-creation and active participation of the local community in the development of tourism initiatives, promoting an inclusive and sustainable approach.
  3. Generate regenerative products and services by introducing respectful tourism experiences in new territories, stimulating economic and cultural diversification.
  4. Establish standards and a replicable methodology for the expansion of tourism initiatives in additional destinations, facilitating the efficient adoption of successful practices.
  5. Disseminate regenerative tourism initiatives to promote new forms of positive tourism, highlighting successful models and promoting awareness of sustainable alternatives in the sector.

Activities Carried Out

Among the many challenges facing the project consortium, Aethnic focuses primarily on promoting networking. The project seeks to be a benchmark in the promotion of networking and inter-cooperation for intelligent and respectful growth of the territories through sustainable and inclusive tourism activities. The creation of RurAll, Network of Regenerative Rural Tourism Experiences against depopulation, is promoting the exchange of good practices, improving territorial cohesion and strengthening the different actors involved through their commercial articulation, promoting participation in a framework of good governance necessary for the viability of inclusive experiences against depopulation.

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