TourismESS Ecosystem; a transformation proposal for the city of Barcelona

Local Action

TurismESS, a transformation proposal for the city of Barcelona is a project promoted by Aethnic, Alba Sud, Calidoscoop and Mescladís that aims to promote a transformative tourism model based on the principles of ESS and aware of social inequalities and ecological limits of the planet.


Given the importance of tourism in the city’s economy, we believe it is key to strengthen the scope of the ESS to transform tourism into a social practice that satisfies the needs and rights of the local population.

In this sense, the present project was born with the purpose of strengthening the TurismESS ecosystem in order to move towards a tourism model of proximity aligned with the challenges of ecological transition and social justice.


The Barcelona TurismESS project has specific objectives:

  1. diagnosis Identify the needs and challenges in the field of SSE to access and maintain themselves as agents of change within the city’s tourism sector.
  2. Intercooperation Energize and formalize spaces for inter-cooperation for the articulation of the TurismESS ecosystem.
  3. strengthening Strengthen the fabric of initiatives of the TurismESS ecosystem to improve the
    its viability and commercial consolidation.
  4. Visibility Visualize the TurismESS ecosystem as a sectoral grouping network

Activities Carried Out

As part of the TurismESS project , various strengthening and inter-cooperation actions will be carried out to co-create a more responsible and resilient tourism ecosystem. It is planned to develop several work sessions, a hackathon, a day of debate and reflection, and offer numerous advisory sessions for Barcelona’s ESS organizations.

Access the Project Presentation to learn more about the project’s actions.

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2023 - 2024