Poblenou Responsible Tourism

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Poblenou Turisme Responsable is an organization project born in 2020 as part of the Barcelona City Council's Impulsem el Que fas program.

It arises in a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic where the cessation of tourist activity represents an opportunity to transform the tourism model of the city of Barcelona. In this sense, taking into consideration the impact that the health crisis is having on the city’s economy, this project aims to contribute to its recovery by generating local tourist activities and experiences that generate local growth and employment and that are based in the principles of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (TRS) and in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda.


The project seeks to improve the quality of life of the population as a whole, while generating wealth and employment from the commercialization of new activities and tourist experiences generated from the proximity. More specifically, it is aimed at the following groups:

  • Trade: Improvement of the economic sustainability of the participating establishments.
  • Cultural entities and companies: Improving the visibility and promotion of their products and services.
  • Visitors: Introduction of new experiences that increase their knowledge of the city and neighborhoods.
  • Citizenship: Introduction of the TRS and reduction of the negative impacts of tourism.

Activities Carried Out

  • Identification of local social and cultural activities and experiences of potential interest to visitors and tourists.
  • Organization of Co-creation and Training Workshops to develop TRS products.
  • Creation of new experiences.
  • Development of a circuit for the promotion of experiences.
  • promotion

Value proposition

The aim of the project is very clear: to create from the proximity experiences of interest for visitors and travelers that allow them to discover the true essence and identity of the city through the active participation of cultural and artistic activities rooted in the territory.

We want to offer new cultural experiences to visitors and residents of Barcelona so that they can enjoy and reconnect with their true essence. We are creating this new tourist offer with the cultural, social, artisanal, artistic and commercial entities of the Poblenou neighborhood to jointly advance towards a more responsible and sustainable tourism model .

Therefore, we offer the opportunity to participate, in an immersive way, in experiences that take place in the neighborhood, while knowing its history, its context and its dynamics.

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Poblenou Responsible Tourism is an Aethnic initiative that has the support of the Poblenou Commercial Hub, which integrates the most active businesses committed to the economic reactivation of the neighborhood. It has the participation of organizations, cultural facilities and small artisan businesses with whom we co-generate the new experiences of Responsible and Sustainable Tourism (TRS).

The creation process of La Xarxa has the support of Barcelona City Council through the Impulsem el Que fas program.

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