The “Barcelona + sustainable” map

Local Action

The B+S Map is both an interactive virtual map, linked to the Open Green Map, and a social network for smartphones, which brings together the relevant socio-environmental initiatives of the city.

More specifically, the map provides practical information about points of interest (such as shops, accommodation, equipment and infrastructure), itineraries marked with QR codes , and citizen experiences (stories, photographs and activities) of the city.


To have a wide network of committed and connected citizens, social and environmental agents of the city who work together for a more sustainable Barcelona , the B+S Map was born, an interactive map, made collaboratively between citizens , companies, entities and administration.

The B+S Map shows initiatives and resources that contribute to the improvement of the urban environment, the construction of a more equitable and inclusive social structure and the enrichment of the community and neighborhood fabric .

Also, the B+S scheme wants to be a key tool to publicize spaces and itineraries that can have an alternative, more local and sustainable tourist interest , and wants to highlight places of heritage, environmental, cultural and lesser known social groups of the city.

Activities Carried Out

Aethnic is part of the motor group as an expert entity in sustainable tourism , designing sustainable itineraries in the city of Barcelona

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