TourismESS; impulse of a new regenerative model rooted in the territory

Local Action

In recent years, the scope of the ESS has grown very significantly in multiple and diverse sectors of Catalonia. On the other hand, in the field of tourism, its presence and growth has been very limited.

Given the weight that tourism has in the country’s economy, from Aethnic we consider it key to strengthen and promote the field of SSE as a key agent for the reactivation of the economy and the promotion of quality employment.

At the same time, we believe that the ESS can act as an engine of transformation in the tourism sector while contributing to the creation of an innovative model aligned with the ODS and promoter of the ecosocial transition.



In order to move towards a regenerative and resilient tourism model, Aethnic promotes an innovative project whose general objective is:

Improve the viability of Social Economy initiatives linked to the tourism sector to promote a regenerative tourism development model aligned with the challenges of the eco-social transition.


To achieve it, the Aethnic team has established the following specific objectives :

  1. diagnosis Improve the ESS ecosystem within the tourism sector through the diagnosis of the fabric of “SESS Tourism” and the promotion and visibility of the Social Economy as a transformative agent.
  2. strengthening Promote the reactivation of the ESS in the strategic tourism sector by holding work sessions and inter-cooperation dynamics.
  3. Consultancy Develop a range of technical advisory services to promote, from the ESS area, a responsible and regenerative tourism model.


Activities Carried Out

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Future perspectives

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2023 - 2024